The Iraqi Public's Reliance On Social Media To Follow The Corona Pandemic Information And Verified Reports

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Ahmed Kareem Ahmed, Hussein Ameer Abass, Karrar Mohammed Hatem


Social networking sites receive great interest from the Iraqi community of all age groups, obtaining information, exchanging views and ideas, presenting the problems facing societies in various fields and providing advice and treatments are among the most important things that push the public to rely on them. These means in order to meet the required information needs, especially in times of crisis, to rely on in obtaining news and information related to health. Aspect, the focus of our research and other areas.

The Corona pandemic crisis is one of the most prominent crises that have been addressed by social media.

Thus, the research problem crystallizes in an attempt to identify the extent to which the public depends on the information provided by social media and satellite channels and the preference for any of them regarding the Corona pandemic (Covid 19) and the satisfaction achieved by setting the following goals:

  • Knowing the extent of the public's reliance on information provided by social media about the Corona pandemic, and what is the preferred method for generating information?

  • Do you know which social media sites the public prefer most in obtaining information about the Corona virus?

The two researchers used the descriptive and analytical survey methodology, and the research community was represented by users of social media sites of different ages and disciplines, and they were chosen according to the available sample method, and the final sample size was (250) individuals.

The research reached several conclusions, the most prominent of which are:

  • The public watched more hours on social media during the outbreak of the Corona pandemic due to the curfew measures that forced them to stay in their homes for long hours.

  • Although the public relied on following social media sites regarding the Corona pandemic by a greater percentage than other media, it did not give it full confidence in terms of the reliability of information such as news, reports and videos it publishes compared to satellite channels and other means.

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