Women’s Ulama of Salafiyah Islamic Boarding School as a Gender Fighter Agency in the Patriarchy Environment

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Ahmad Fauzan et al.


Islamic boarding school is a traditional Islamic educational institution to study, understand, appreciate and practice Islamic teachings as way of life led by the man religious leader “Kiai”. The purpose of this study is to obtain insight into gender strategies in the Islamic Boarding School of Salafiyah through the leadership of woman’s ulama “Nyai”. This research is qualitative method; this function knows to the meaning of a number of individuals or groups of people who are considered to come from social human problems. It can be done by observation, interviews and documentation. Data analysis techniques are used through data reduction, data presentation, and data verification. This study discusses the success of women’s leadership in areas that have patriarchal ideology. She is Masriyah Amva as a gender-fighting agency capable of advancing its Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia and she is the author of life-inspirational books whose work is internationally recognized.

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