ICT Based School Library Management in Secondary School: A Case Study

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Wahyu Sri Ambar Arum, Neti Karnati, Eliana Sari


Library management in schools in the education era in the 21st century must serve with effective. Need for quick library consumer service, accuracy in storing and searching for books, and efficiency in their management, were to make many library managements in schools have switched to digital libraries. Both those that can be accessed via a wide internet network or not. This study is a qualitative case study on the design of an online library at a school in Indonesia. We chose the qualitative study approach to describe how the library organizers and school customers responded to the current condition of the library, and the future internet-based library design. Research subjects comprised principals, school library managers, librarians, teachers, and students in a junior high school. We carried data collection out through structured interviews with respondents, participant observation, and documentation study. We carried the research data analysis out following the case study qualitative data analysis procedure. The results of the study show that implementing conventional libraries by schools poses many obstacles for library administrators, and library customers, teachers, and students. Planning for organizing an online-based library has acceptable by school library administrators, teachers, and also students in schools. This results study be a consideration for plans for developing library management in schools.

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