Philosophical Counselling: Transformation And Emancipation Of Individuals Through Contextually Adapted Philosophies

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Soumitra Mondal


Modern philosophical practices gives close consideration to the particulars of children's and adult learners’ reasoning, including their intellectual activity in the realm of philosophical practice. Philosophical counselling, instead of essentially being something creative and totally new, is regularly depicted as a re-visitation of the old foundations of the act of reasoning, or as another variant of an old convention. In philosophical counselling, there are various ideas that assume a significant part in deciding the understanding of importance in counselling. In this article the investigator focus on some of dominant ideas like ‘Eastern vs. Western philosophical overview’, ‘Logic-Based Therapy’ (LBT), ‘Wise Therapy’, ‘Socratic worldview of critical thinking’, relevance of the ideals and principles of philosophical counselling as a worldwide issue, role of philosophical psychologists. This will give a chance to characterize the essential standards, to fabricate a typology of thoughts, approaches, schools and patterns of philosophical practice in current culture, which can turn into a hold for new interdisciplinary philosophical exploration around there. The main objective is to motivate academics, writers, and educators in a new way of exploration in the process of re-assessing philosophical counselling, to impart critical thinking of the paradigm shift in the philosophical, ideological spheres in the light of postmodern, globalised popular culture perspectives.

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