Affection and influence between the Semitic languages

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Miaad Makki Faisal Al-Rikabi, Prof. Ali Hassan Abdul Hussein


For granted that do not enter the doubt at all, is the question of vulnerability and influence between the languages, P since antiquity to the present day in constant change followed by the factors of vulnerability and the impact that happened over time. Examining of the results of any language of the world ends with the outcome of the effect that this language influenced other and influenced by others is a natural consequence of no disagreement there. And the In these pages of the research, I tried to shed light on an important question, which is the question: (Influence and influence between Semitic languages), so I followed the influence of the Semitic languages on some of them, in terms of their variations, explaining these areas of influence? In the field of semantic change in the Arabic language first and an applied study in Semitic languages second.

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