Traditional Folk Media In The Marriage System Of The Bodos

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Jangila Mushahary


Communication has become an inseparable part of human since the dawn of civilization. Generally, the traditional media is the non-electronic mediums which acted as traditional carriers of information and messages from one generation to another generation. These traditional folk media plays a vital role in the communication of the indigenous people which have their roots from their cultural traditions. These traditional media is an inbuilt character which is genuine in nature highlights the socio-cultural developments of the society. Environment has also its own importance in the society due to their relationship with the people in their habitation, adaptation, socio-economic development as there is a communication between the two. The Bodo community which is largest indigenous tribes of North-east India has its own distinct traditions, customs, beliefs, religion. The Bodo community has its own system of communication which provides wide range of sending and receiving of message. Traditional media basically include various art forms like folk theatre, folk dance, music, songs, folk tales, story-telling, lullaby, proverbs and idioms, games etc. Marriage is an important institution of the human life. The Bodo society follows systematic marriage system according to their societal norms and celebrated by social order as well. The Bodo community has been practicing various rites and rituals associated with the marriage system. This paper attempts to highlight the various forms of rites, rituals and customs followed by the Bodos and their signals or the media through which communication is made in the process of marriage.

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