ALDAFERSWAR Loop Hole Vulnerability Problem and Its Impact on the Egyptian Military Forces

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Abdulameer Hammadi Ateyah, Dr. Qutaiba Abduladheem Kadhim


Despite the large number of scientific topics and subjects . But no research or topic has been addressed on the nature of the relationship between Arab political leaderships and military leaders , especially the relation on October 1973 war , at a sensitive and confusing time . And  the dangers that are resulted from this war that nearly toppled Cairo , the capital of Arab Egypt . Which is the problem of the loophole that was occurred during October 1973 war . As this period , the problem were largely obscured , alike during the rule of Al-Sadat , who his rule lasted until 1981 , Mubarak's reign , which lasted until 2011 . Though the fact that there are a number of books that dealt with this problem . But it did not explain the facts that occurred and happened , in addition to the Egyptian political leadership’s ability to obscure and influence most Arab governments , or even the major countries , in not showing the facts that were occurred within October 1973 war and the problem of the gap in particular.

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