The Role Of Elementary School Teachers In Developing A Flipped Learning Strategy In The Educational Process In Light Of The Corona Pandemic

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Dr. Majida Khalaf Khaleel Al-Sbou , Dr. Amani Issa Sameh Al-Rababah


The study aimed to identify the role of elementary school teachers in developing a strategy of flipped education in the educational process in light of the Corona pandemic, and the study relied on the descriptive and analytical approach. The study sample consisted of (280) male and female teachers, who were randomly selected. The results of the study showed that the reality of the use and role of elementary stage e-learning teachers was positive, with a high degree, and an arithmetic mean (3.54). The obstacles facing elementary school teachers in using the reverse learning strategy came with a high degree, with an arithmetic mean (3.82). The study recommended holding courses and workshops for teachers and students alike, developing their attitudes towards the permanent and continuous use of the inverted learning strategy even after the end of the Corona pandemic, and training them on ways to use it, taking care of various activities and software, developing and updating them, to include all schools, and connecting all schools to the Internet and providing devices Computers in proportion to the number of students in schools, adjusting the curricula of the basic stage to match its application using flipped learning, dissolving all obstacles towards the use of flipped learning.

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