The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on SMEs and their Restoration in Pakistan

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Fawad Karim, Dr. Muhamamd Asim, Mr. Salman Manzoor


The research was carried out to highlight the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on SMEs in Pakistan and their restoration. The study was conducted to identify, investigate, and analyze the COVID-19 outbreak on Pakistani SMEs. Moreover, the study also aims to assist the policymakers and practitioners in identifying the right strategies to respond and curtail the impacts of the on-going pandemics on SMEs. The significance is further placed on the substantial risks brought through external environmental uncertainty to SMEs and assist these enterprises in predicting the risks in the early stage of the business decision-making and planning to counterfeit the COVID situation measures. The SMEs' fundamental problems are the adverse outcomes of pandemic situations and lockdown aspects. Lastly, SMEs' survival may be a real problem considering the pessimistic effects on Pakistan's economy's outbreaks. It was prescribed to make sure that these companies were restructured financially by pooling additional investment into the company in the form of holdings or issuing more financial shares in case of medium-sized corporations to increase the financial working capital cycle so that the companies could eradicate the possibility of Liquidity Crises.

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