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Dr. Indu Sharma


What you want to say and what they are interested in? The answer creates a seamless partnership between Knowledge Worker and the Organisation to achieve sustained growth in a disruptive changing business landscape. To drive the answer to the above question i.e.  ‘RELEVANCY’ both for the organisation as well as Knowledge Worker in the industry ecosystem the power of behavioural insights and neuroscience’s Happy-Hormone is leverage in this research article. We act as a choice-architect and worked on automated system-intuitive thinking. The tone of this article is prescriptive and the ‘Nudges’are provided as a treatment for the diagnosed issues of the Organisation, the subject-matter of the present study.  The effectiveness of prescribed Nudgestested on treatment and control groupby deploying experiment method and results evidenceda significant effect on the treatment group. In this study, ourlearning reflections:‘Pre-commitment is an impactful tool’; ‘Peer support matters’; ‘Craving need to be instigated, to get reminder work’.

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