Role of ICT to Elevate Teacher Education

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Dr Manju Sharma, Rukmani Haswal


One of the important characteristics of ICT is that its saves time and efforts and increases efficiency. The advent of internet has opened the facilities for web-based training, and hence, necessitates a fundamental change in the mode of education and training. The teacher-educators may be brought live from different locations through a network of computers, in order to arrange effective interactions which would be similar to the once occurring in the face-to-face mode. This would reduce learning time, and would not require additional faculty and buildings, laboratories or libraries. The interaction of the trainees with the best available faculty may be arranged by creating virtual classroom at a minimum cost. It is said that development of ICT has tremendous capacity to save time and one year is reduced to three months meaning thereby that what could be done in one year by using traditional methods can be done in three months if ICT is utilized properly. Even if we have to increase content and practical aspects of teacher training programmes, extension of duration is not desirable, but it is not so easy. So, there is need to change in each and every sphere of the society according to the tune of ICT. It has the ability to enhance every type of development in the society. Education is the only means to incorporate ICT in the developmental aspects of the society. ICT can also be used as a tool to improve the quality of education for preparing the society and its manpower to handle and use ICT in the schools in a proper way.

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