Geriatric Nutrition & role of nutrition in Sarcopenia

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Shashi Tripathi, Dr. Kirti Joshi


Old age is considered as ignored stage in our society. It is because of their lesser physical abilities resulted lesser contribution in family and society. Proper nutrition and cooperation may provide them a healthy and social life. Considering all above factors, geriatric nutrition may retard the process of different kind of changes in old age people by providing them proper nutrition and physical care. The cornerstone of geriatric nutrition is a well-balanced diet.

Early aging as well as geriatric disease foreshorten life, but both can be prevented to some extent by diet and exercise or by just diet itself. In this order sarcopenia is an age-related condition that can make activities like walking more difficult. To prevent muscle loss, change lifestyle can manage of sarcopenia.

After taking advice from a doctor, older adults can start an exercise program. Disease control and prevention centers provide activities like muscle strengthening minimum of two days a week for older adults.

So we can say proper diet and strength training can help people’s to fight against sarcopenia. Healthy sources of nutrients especially enough protein, such as fish, nuts, lentils etc. are an important dietary consideration in preventing sarcopenia.

Considering all above facts, we can prevent or retard different changes (physical as well as psychological) by providing proper nutrition and physical care through geriatric nutrition.

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