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Smita Sharma , Dr.Chitra


Like the poem before Jagdish Chandra Mathur, the historical and mythological plays of Hindi also had the ultimate aim of social reform or patriotism. Prehistoric-mythological dramas have been coming out in social reforms or indigenous pride, this feeling reminding the past in the pride of India.Notable plays like Prasad's 'Skanda' Gupt, 'Chandragupta' came in the same order which were in front of prose poem of national pride besides being a drama. Poetry and drama continued to encroach on each other's territory due to the similarity of the expressions. After independence, when the question of internal structure and organization of the country and the development of the country came up, all the responsibilities fell on the shoulders of one Indian. Due to this sudden change and serious change, the work of remembering the glorious past stopped for a few days and its importance decreased. Till now the Mughals and then the British had done the responsibilities for the Indians. After a long time, the country got a chance to handle its own system. The first king of the country was elected. The pace of construction started but the political culture of manipulation of petty interests crushed the dream of making the country a Ram Rajya. In the flood of selfishness all the dams broke. That is why after independence, the tone of historical mythological dramas changed, country love and social reform is the place where contemporary inconsistencies began to take place.

'Konark' (1951) 'Andha Yuga' (1955) 'AashadkaEk Din' (1958) etc. This changing tone is evident in plays etc. The credit for changing this tone goes completely to Jagdish Chandra Mathur because this change ' Konark did not happen before writing. One reason for this is that the conditions discussed before independence and after independence have changed, and the second reason is that the pre-independence artistic theater was completely uneducated, plays were also read and read like novels. In fact, the activity developed in the true sense only after independence with new technology.


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