Covid - 19 Pandemic: Unraveling Its Challenges And Impact To Higher Education Institutions (Heis) Educational System

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The study aims to identify the challenges and impact of COVID -19 pandemic to Higher Education Institution’s (HEI’s) educational system.

            It shows that challenges on the trends of online teaching provides self-learning direction and design in an online teaching program. These drawbacks encouraged and motivated students for self-directed learning on the resource and content of their classes and provide online teacher transformation to supply the information and data for motivation, engagement, interest, and effective lesson during the study process.  

Challenges  on educational curriculum system address some educational concerns in the  structure such as the following: perception and impact of possible scope of student focus in the learning experience outlook and motivation;  on quality standard of education conceptualize the assessment of the institution performance in a pre-defined standard of school environment to increase and improve access to quality education graduate despite of COVID- 19 pandemic; the student support provides resource for learning process which directly supports learners in acquiring skills and knowledge during online teaching process and management of their learning process through communication and other access to educational content of learning; the technology for different tools in learning process and  were created for the delivery of lesson, training, skill, and development for the effectiveness of student; and  the performance and assessment of student integrates innovation, creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, literacy information standard in performance base-learning.

Findings of the study revealed that there was a significant relationship between the challenges and impact of COVID-19 pandemic to the educational system in the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

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