Parametric study of flyover bridge based on Indian Road Congress [IRC]

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Saurav B. Dudhwala, Abdullah F. Lala, Mehul J. Bhavsar


In Flyover Bridge, T beam deck slab comprises the important type of superstructure. The behavioural aspect of T beam deck slab is quite complicated which makes analysis difficult. Before the availability of computer programs more general methods were used to analyse the bridge decks such as Courbon’s method, Guyonmassonet method, Hendry jaegar method, which were based on unrealistic assumptions  and were not suitable for analysing complex bridge under several loading conditions. In this paper the effort is being made to present an analysis based on advance finite element method software and the results are compared with the most general method used for manual analysis that is courbon’s method. This paper aims to provide accuracy and efficiency in the analysis of bridge by analysing T beam deck slab using CSI BRIDGE.

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