Intelligent Farming and Crop Protection using Machine Learning

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Prof. Amit Choksi, Prof. Kaushal patel, Er. Herry Makawana, Er. Prakash Odedra


IoT allows establishing solutions for better management of natural resources, where every object embedded with different sensors enables interaction with the physical and logical world is connected with other object in unique identifier so that data can be transferred without human to human interaction. This paper presents a novel approach called intelligent farming and irrigation system uses IoT and Machine learning algorithm for remote monitoring of real time database and controlling through wireless sensor network. Furthermore, Raspberry PI is also used here for controlling and monitoring data of various sensors. Hence, wireless monitoring of farm and irrigation system reduces human intervention and allows remote monitoring on android phone. Here, ML is used to detect animal activity outside the farm and protecting crop from animals through audible noise that scares animals. This paper also proposes and evaluates a cloud-based wireless communication system to control and monitor sensors, and actuators to assess the plants water need. It also involves controlling, monitoring and fault detection of street lights. Cloud computing is an attractive solution to store large amount of data generated by the wireless sensor network.

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