Personal Branding Competencies as critical success factors forE-Recruitment

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Jude Ashmi E, Jeevananda S


The current trend in recruitment is e-recruitment. The digital recruitment process of viewing a job seeker’s profile and recruiting through the cyber world is known as e-recruitment. This article is an empirical study on information sharing for the purpose of social media recruitment. The study explores the competencies of personal branding to be shared by jobseekers on their social media profile, from a recruiter’s perspective. 209 recruiters from MNCs in and around Bangalore city, are surveyed and their responses were used for the empirical analysis. The survey instrument was constructed from the inputs of an expert interview with 34 recruiters on a purposive sample basis. The research identified 28 competencies of personal branding under three factors – Professional competencies, Managerial competencies and personal competencies. The effect of these competencies on the success of e-recruitment process was assessed through the recruiter’s perception on the satisfaction of the respective hiring managers who generated the need for the recruitment. The research also found that the educational qualification of the recruiters had an effect on the expectation of personal brand competencies in concurrence with earlier research studies.

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