Development and Validation of A Work Text in Precalculus

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Ida E. Esquierdo, Ronato S. Ballado


Work text plays a vital role in any classroom setting particularly in mathematics. Despite the development of the new technologies that allow high quality instructional materials, demand for textbooks or work texts continues to grow. The era of modern technology makes students to be more inquisitive and the acquisition of new learning is high. With the implementation of the K to 12 curriculum, teachers are challenge to develop relevant and research – based instructional materials. At present, few instructional materials that could be utilized for senior high school students particularly in PreCalculus which is based on the learning competencies of the subject.

This study developed a work text in PreCalculus based on the curriculum guide provided by the Department of Education. After which, the work text was evaluated by the Calculus experts in selected State Universities in Region 8 and selected PreCalculus teachers in public schools in Northern Samar on the level of validity and acceptability. Results showed that the content validity of the work text as assessed by the respondents based on aims, objectives, knowledge, contextualization, summing up, practice, reinforcement, and enrichment are very much valid. The level of acceptability of the work text based on clarity, usefulness, language and style, illustration, presentation, suitability, adequacy, and timeliness are very highly acceptable.  The t – test for independent samples was also utilized to determine the significant difference on the level of validity and acceptability of the work text and results showed that both Calculus experts and PreCalculus teachers strongly agreed that the work text is valid and highly acceptable. Revisions of the work text were made based on the suggested comments of the respondents.

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