Cross Cultural Training and Tours Requirements: Effects on the Performance of On-The-Job Trainees of State Universities and Colleges

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Henly Fababaer Martirez


This study on cross cultural training and tour requirements of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management On-The-Job Trainees of the selected State universities in Regions IV-A and IV-B is descriptive in research methodology. It involved 201 HRM trainees from CALABARZON in Region IV-A and 154 HRM trainees from MIMAROPA in Region IV-B from whom the data and information needed to answer the seven problem areas of investigation were obtained. Only one set of questionnaire checklist of the 5-Likert type was used for this purpose.

The multiple regression analysis was applied at 5 percent level of significance for acceptance and rejection of the null hypotheses advanced in this study.

From the procedure described above, the questions raised were answered. The   salient findings of the study were presented.

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