Learning Organization (Lo) Madrasah Aliyah Boarding School Based In Province Of Bangka Belitung Island

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Rada, Syarifuddin Basyar, Agus Pahrudin, Subandi, Siti Patimah, Koderi, Imam Fu’adi, Jamal Fahri


This research is conducted in MA boarding school based in Bangka Belitung, the research object consists of three objects, such as MA Al-Islam Kemuja, MA Nurul Ihsan Baturusa dan MA Daarul Arofah Belitung. The general purpose of this research is to find out the implementation of five components of learning organization in MA boarding school based. The research approach in this research is qualitative. The research founding shows that several important issues regarding the components of learning organization in MA boarding school based. First, personal mastery component, always being discipline to develop the best form of MA boarding school based itself. Deepen the personal vision continuously, focusing the energy, developing the awareness and noticing the real/fact objectively. Second, mental model component, effecting to the forming, determining and effecting the vision, attitude, making decision and personal or institution action to achieve MA boarding school based which is responsive and sensitive toward the change. Third, shared vision component, Ma boarding school-based build the shared vision, rise the spirit and motivation of Madrasah member leading to better management of MA in all aspects. Fourth, team learning component, Ma boarding school-based attempt to make program and create the effective and efficient cooperative team learning by involving teacher, students and stakeholder of Madrasah. Fifth, thinking system component, Ma boarding school-based build the synergy of MA stakeholder in scalable and simultaneous activities in every semester, such as performing art Festival and show the skills of student activity units, such as standup comedy, dance and singing and student bands, and martial arts, as well as confide in with MA leaders.

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