Factors Of Teacher’s Performance And Its Implication On Educational Quality Of Madrasah

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Mualimul Huda, Tulus Suryanto, A. Gani, Ahmad Fauzan, Siti Patimah, Koderi


This research aims to find out the effect of teacher’s performance factors toward educational quality of madrasah simultaneously. The factors of teacher’s performance in this research consist of variable of headmaster’s leadership, the culture of madrasah as well as achievement motivation of teacher. This research used qualitative approach with survey method. The population of this research is teacher of private madrasah Aliyah in Jepara District. The sample is chosen by using cluster sampling. Analysis of data research is done by structural equation modeling Partial Least Squares (SEM-PLS) using software SmartPLS 3.0. the finding shows that there is indirect effect of exogenous variable toward the endogen of educational quality of madrasah through exogenous variable toward endogen variable of educational quality of madrasah through teacher’s performance. The leadership of madrasah headmaster becomes the highest indirect effect variable rather than madrasah’s culture variable and teacher’s motivation achievement variable. The result of analysis simultaneously shows that exogen variable has strong and good structural model in influencing the teacher’s performance and the value of R Square 0.954, and implicated in improving the educational quality with the value of R square is 0.763.  

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