Work Discipline and Physical Work Environment That Affect Employee Performance at Integrated Operating Center Unit - Region 3 (IOC-R3) PT.Telekomunikasi Indonesia

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Deri Fauzi, Hanung Awanda Primadani, Muhammad Agus Muhyidin, Sari Dewi Oktari, SE.,MM


The purpose of this study was to see the effect of Work Discipline and Physical Work Environment on Employee Performance in the Integrated Operation Center regional 3 West Java (IOC-R3 WEST JAVA) PT.Telekomunikasi Indonesia. Sampling using census techniques, where the entire population is used as the research sample. Distribution of questionnaires and get 91 respondents as a sample. The research data analysis was carried out by first testing the research instrument followed by the classical assumption test and ending with multiple linear regression analysis. The results of research on work discipline and physical work environment partially influence the performance of employees of PT. Telkom Indonesia, Integrated Operation Center Regional 3, West Java. Work discipline and physical work environment simultaneously affect the performance of employees in the operational division of PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia unit IOC-R3 WEST JAVA.

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