Implications of Company Health Level Caused by CR, DAR and, ROA in the Textile Industry

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John Henry Wijaya, Ismail Solehuddin, Natazha Indriana C, Mohamad Aldi Juliandi, Fadhilah Nur Rokhman


The existence of free trade among countries may contribute to various impacts on the economy itself. This is the case in Indonesia where the textile and apparel sector are an example of the existence of free trade. A flood of foreign products causes a decline in the performance of domestic textile and apparel companies. This research uses the descriptive verification method to describe the data clearly and accurately so that further research may be conducted. The number of samples is 10 companies based on purposive sampling with a research period of 5 years with a total data of 50 data. The results show that only the current ratio variable affected financial distress, while the debt to asset ratio variable did not affect.

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