Review: Mobile-Based Hydroponic Plant Monitoring with IOT Mode and Image Processing-Based Plant Pest Detection

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Mochamad Rio Rizki Wijaya, Siti Jenab, Muhammad Fauzan Fahmuddin, Fikri Mujaddid Sumanto, Ari Purno Wahyu, Zairi Ismael Rizman


Hydroponics is a new agricultural concept in limited places and areas, in this modern era the process of hydroponic plants is very effective and economical in  use of fertilizers and water sources, over time the concept of hydroponic plants has several advantages, namely that plants become resistant to pests and easy plant growth, monitored even though on a large area of ​​land  another advantage is that the yields are more profitable and increase production yields, this hydroponic farming system able to advantage of closed areas that can be made in a narrow space, while in a large area and farmers have a large space to move while In hydroponic plants is in  planting process in different places and narrow areas so that the space for farmers to be narrow and limited too, the solution to these problems able to  implementation IOT technology based on mobile devices used for monitoring  of water because hydroponic plants themselves use water media as an nutrient delivery media in plants for food and nutrients  or fertilizers, the most important thing is how to moisture is  soil because the concept of hydroponic plants itself functions to save and increase the effectiveness of water sources and fertilizers, using IOT technology allows hydroponic plants  able to monitored From a distance, a separate and remote plant location can be monitored, the monitoring process is to display a temperature change data taken from a sensor connected to a server device, from that server  data can be displayed become information on water conditions and temperature, remotely and farmers themselves can controlled the watering process with the help of sensors connected to a motoric device connection, the most important thing is how to make a tool that can detect and recognize the types of pests that attack plants, namely by utilizing image technology processing that can be applied with a computer or mobile device.

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