Outcome Based Education Implementation And Continuous Quality Improvement For Diploma In Management

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Raziff Bin Hamsan, Chan Shuk Mei, Syed Mohammad Jamal Zaidi


The process of outcome-based education (OBE) is a prominent development in higher education. The shortcomings in the more traditional process-based education (PBE) are rectified by the initiation of OBE system. The key aspect of OBE is to ensure the students achieves the intended traits and outcomes meet the industrial needs and paving the progression in their career. OBE equips students with professional skills and knowledge, aligning their learning session with assessment and the learning outcomes (LO). OBE upholds the idea of a student-centred learning progress (andragogy) as opposed to the traditional teacher centred learning (pedagogy). OBE is adopted by all educational institutions of Malaysia whereas Spectrum International College of Technology (SICT)is considered in this article. SICT adopted the OBE system in all of their programmes. In this article, the traditional and OBE system is discussed through literature review and from the viewpoint ofOBE implementation in SICT.

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