Female Breast Cancer Survivor’s Perspectives On Hope And Spirituality Needs -A Mixed Study Approach

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Dr Shankar Shanmugam Rajendran, Dr Pradeep- kumar Naik, Shakila Shankar, Nirmala Asaithambi, Serma Subathra Arunachalam, Geetha Periasamy, Muruganandan Natesan


Breast cancer survivorship is a tragic and life-altering experience day by day. The spiritual needs and enhancement of hope will help them to lead a life peacefully. The study is 1.To assess the breast cancer survivor's spirituality and hope needs.2. To associate breast cancer survivors' spirituality and hope needs with selected Bio Socio-Demographic variables. 3. To correlate the relationship between spirituality and hope needs.4. To explore the breast cancer survivor's experiences on spirituality and hope needs. Data were obtained from breast cancer survivors attending the Medical Oncology OPD using a concurrent triangulation mixed-method study design and convenient and purposive sampling techniques. The Adult Hope Scale and Spirituality Scale by C. Delaney were used to extract data quantitatively. In order to collect data in qualitative aspects, semi-structured interview schedules were used. The majority of participants (72.67%) had a moderate level of spirituality score, with a moderate level of hope of 86.67%. There is a positive correlation between spirituality and hope, which implies that hope increases when spirituality increases. God Trust, Relationship with God, Problems with God, Expectations with God, God's solution, Belief, confidence building, No Fear, Feeling Good, Altruism, Positive and Support were among the themes from in-depth interviews with the participants. Nurses, as the primary and holistic care provider, should collaborate with other health care providers to provide educational sessions to enhance spiritual well-being and hope needs, resulting in a greater sense of inner peace and an improved quality of life for breast cancer survivors.

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