Fear of COVID-19 and its Relationship to Wisdom of University Students

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Mervat Azmi Zaki Abdelgwad, Asmaa Fathy Ahmed Abdelaziz


The COVID-19 pandemic has powerfully affected students' life. The current research aimed to investigate the relationship between fear of COVID-19 and wisdom with its dimensions (experience, organization, memories, humor, and openness to experience) among university students and to identify the differences in the study variables according to gender. The sample consisted of (382) male and female post-graduate students from the faculty of education, Minia University, Egypt. For data collection, the researcher applied the fear of COVID-19 scale (by Ahorsu et al., 2020 translated and standardized by the researchers) and the wisdom scale (by Webster, 2003 translated and standardized by the researchers). The findings of our research revealed that there were no statistically significant differences between the means of male and female scores in the fear of COVID-19, wisdom, and its dimensions and there was a statistically significant positive correlative relationship between the experience, memories, openness to experience, and the total degree of wisdom and fear of COVID-19, while there was no statistically significant correlative relationship between organization and humor as two dimensions of wisdom and fear of COVID-19. Considering the results of the study, the researchers presented some recommendations and suggested research.

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