Education at the Crossroads: Digitalization of Education in India During an Age of Pandemic

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Anusudha R. S., Krishnendu R., Pooja Krishnan


Education is an integral part that reinforces values to life. Life has gone awry with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus that has weaved a web of ambiguity, bringing the world to its knees. In this era of the pandemic, digitalization plays a vivacious role to ensure the connectivity in the world and recommence the once hampered life. Students all over the world can resume the once suspended classes, with the help of online platforms. In the form of online discussions and webinars, the classrooms are virtually brought to every student’s home. They act as a portal to bind human beings with various domains of life: personal, social, educational, and professional.  These challenging times mark the transformation of traditional educational setting to modern digitized settings.  The Post-Covidien circumstances demand the world to adapt to the booming digital structure which has become a necessity to carry out the day-to-day activities. This paper intends to analyze the role of digitalization in the revival of education during this pandemic crisis based on an online survey conducted among modern learners.

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