The Psychodynamics of Apprehension in the Corporate World – A Hermeneutic Review of Literature

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Prof. Dr. Satya Subrahmanyam


Unconscious collaborative fortifications against apprehension can form the structure and procedures of the corporate world in ways that minimize the efficacy of its institutions and their human well-being. It is seldom addressed in business writing, but researched in psycho-dynamically educated literature that reflects on the approach to corporate problems through psychodynamic orientation. This research is a hermeneutic analysis of the literature, to be supplemented by psychodynamic training and practices, which has a two-way history of corporate education and corporate professions. In addition, the key research background is to consider market-oriented opinions about protection, sentiment, and learning that are all subjects of importance to psychodynamics and to put a business viewpoint into integration between the business and the psychodynamics indicated by the literature.

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