Parents Engagement and their School Loyalty: A study on Pakistan schools

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*Erum Aslam Khan, Afrina Afzal, Fatima-tu-Zahra, Samina Islam


The engagement of the employees is considered to be an important part that could help to the organizations for the long term survival. Therefore, the engagement played an important key role for the survival of the organizational. But, the concept hasn’t been applied to school literature. The author conceptualizes a theoretical model explaining the relationships between parental engagement, loyalty, and perception of school facilities, staff, tuition, and place, utilizing marketing mix theory. Data are collected from 191 Pakistan parents using survey.  A structural equation modelling (SEM) technique is employed to assess the direction and strength of the constructs. It is found that there is strong support for parent engagement as a significant predictor of school loyalty. However, contrary to the general notion, there is insufficient statistical evidence to support that improvement in facilities, place and tuition will improve school engagement. Only teachers and staffs had a statistically significant positive association with parent engagement. The finding suggests managerial and policy implications, pinpointing teachers as key aspects for successful private schools. The research limitations and future directions were also discussed at the end of the study.

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