Relationship of Communication in Cultural and Modern Values: A review on recent scenario of Communication Education in Malaysia

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Vimala Govindaraju, Kamalakannan Kunachagaran


Communication has taken on much broader meaning and greater significance for organizations especially in the education sector. Cultures are formed through communication as an important element in human life which cannot separate from each other.  Cultural, values and norms are well recognized as communication mean of human interaction through effective work and achievements. This article is about the overview scenario of the Malaysian Education communication relationship between cultural and modern values and the cross impact of cultural values and communication in education in line with IR4.0 evolutions. The article comments on IR4.0 on education and its role and implementation capability advantage and disadvantage in education. Thus, the article defines that one of the ways to develop the education system is through the development and application of technological developments in the teaching and learning process. This will help and guide students to establish an understanding throughout the learning process in accordance with the 4.0 revolution

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