Bono Wave Potential for Tourism Development of Surfing Sports in Kampar River Pelalawan Regency

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Ahmad Yani, Oktia Woro Kasmini Handayani, Tjetjep Rohendi Rohidi, Nasuka


Bono tourist attraction in Kampar Teluk Meranti river is a natural phenomenon that has long been known by the surrounding community and people from outside the area. The development potential of one of these tourist paridestinations is huge because not only the arrival ofworld-class surfers also invites the interest of surfers' families to participate in enjoying the beauty of meranti bay village that has not been touched by modernization.

the purpose of this study is to analyze the bono wave extension for the development of surfing sports tourism in kampar kabupaten pelalawan river. the research method used is qualitative descriptive with field observation approach and a series of in-depth interviews with relevant stakeholders.

the results showed that the uniqueness of natural tourism in pelalawan regency in the form of fenomena in kampar river that at any time is able to instigate waves and the people of meranti bay call it bono waves, the potential is utilized by surfers to surf on the water that has seven layers of waves with a height of up to four meters. surfing is one of the activities that can be developed into sports tourism in kampar river pelalawan regency.

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