Educational Landscape Transformations Amidst COVID19 Pandemic

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Beverly B. Bicar, Lora E. Añar, Ann Sheila C. Del Rosario, Vivian Irish M. Lorenzo, Maria Angelica C. Mugot


This paper reviews the current literature on COVID-19 pandemic crisis at the onset of the crisis. The paper opens with the global conditions and transformations in education sector amidst the crisis. The review of the literature beginning the early months of 2020 have been summarized wherein four themes emerged from the readings, namely: educational sector’s preparedness, awareness and adaptation, emerging challenges in the academe and the ways forward. Moreover, this paper concludes with reflections on the steps forward for the education sector focusing on the inclusive framework and guiding principles in decision making during and after COVID 19. This provides directions for the crafting of a recommended general framework that the academe can follow during a nationwide or worldwide crisis.

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