The problem of Juvenile Delinquents - Preventive and Rehabilitation Approach

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Dr. Azibur Rahman


The juvenile delinquents are below eighteen, who commit unlawful activities calling for official and legal actions; in case of adults they are punishable under law. The delinquents of all types are essentially maladjusted persons who create difficulties for others. Such types of delinquents are involved in antisocial activities like threatening, torturing, assaulting, stealing, intoxication, absconding and sexual abusing. The individuals are neither healthy nor happy. Delinquency is a rebellion and an act of aggression. The victims suffer from behaviour disorders like shyness, nervousness and anxiety. But behavioural symptoms like aggressiveness- physical, mental, temper tantrums have effect directly on the family members, society and the outside world.

The delinquent behaviour reflects the moral deficiency of the individual which is caused by improper training in early childhood. It is one form of maladjustment and is a sign of disordered development. Delinquency is a behaviour disorder which refers to reduced functioning, particularly in academic achievement or social adjustment. It is characterized by low academic achievement in schools.   

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