Character Building on Higher Education: How to Anticipate Radical Ideology at Islamic University in South Sulawesi

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Kaharuddin, et. al.


This study aims to determine the efforts to build character education carried out in Islamic universities in South Sulawesi as a solution to anticipating radical ideology among students. The research method used is qualitative naturalistic with a socio-education approach, the data obtained from observations and interviews. The study results concluded that the three Islamic colleges of South Sulawesi in building student character to counteract radical ideologies began by synergizing the vision and mission of the teaching-based institutions' Islamic moderation with the learning curriculum. Socialization of student discipline and code of ethics is also an essential part because it substantially aims to ward off radical ideologies and warn students not to commit despicable acts. The three campuses also make maximum efforts to carry out workshops, seminars, and studies on the importance of having moderate Islamic character and insight, national insight, diversity in social interaction, and collaboration with the authorities regarding the dangers of the ideology of radicalism. Researchers suggest the three campuses' leaders be firm in taking action against students who spread the ideology of radicalism in the campus environment and strictly enforce the rules starting from the leadership level to subordinates. The campus must cover all student organizations' work programs to control activities and integrate campus activities with student affairs.

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