Independent Judicial Lokpal Need Of The Hour

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P.Chandra Rao, Dr.C.H Lakshmana Rao


An independent ‘Judicial Lokpal’ with power to take up complaints and initiate action against judges should be set up to ensure accountability of the judiciary. There should be an independent institution for lodging complaints against judges. The institution should be independent from both the judiciary and the government like a Judicial Lokpal. The Judicial Lokpal which will have complete power to entertain complaints against judges and take action.[i] The independence of the judiciary was being undermined for several reasons, the absence of any concrete system to ensure their accountability. Administration of Justice is under sharp and critical gage of people today because of ever increasing number of court cases and inordinate delays in their resolution, Judges with a class bias, judges with a communal bend of mind, the regionalism, and cases of corruption, nepotism, arbitrariness and indiscipline in administrative machinery. The ombudsman is closely concerned with the correct functioning of the administrative machine. His function is to locate ‘mal administration’ or faults in administration.

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