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The influences of technology during Covid-19 become very imperative in almost every sector worldwide. Due to this emergency transformation, educational institutions have provoked immense challenges, which push the teachers to up skill themselves towards teaching methodology in order to bring innovations. For the educational programs to be efficient, it needs to reinvent their learning environment, so that digitalization complements the teachers to maintain the quality of education.  Increased job responsibilities at workplace can adversely affect management of personal life responsibilities and thus create unpleasant issues in the family life of a woman employee. Due to this makeover, it is observed that female teachers who succeeds professionally has made quite many personal sacrifices in order to achieve the same. It all depends on how she can able to balance equally both her family commitments and her workplace challenges. Coping up these two extremes is not an easy task; hence this current study proposed to identify the factors and challenges towards balancing both. The size of the sample for the study purpose is 230 and the respondents are the female teachers employed in various private schools in Chennai. The structured questionnaire is outlined for the purpose of primary data collection from the selected respondents by using convenience-sampling method. The result of the study confirmed the reliability and validity of measurement instrument showing Cronbach alpha value of 0.878, which is a positive acceptance to proceed with the research work. Factor analysis has been used to reduce the data dimensions identified. The finding explores that the female teachers positively consider the study variables and have significant impact in determining their work life balance. In the process of achieving career goals and managing family responsibilities effectively, women face stressful situations in their lives especially when personal and profession paths cross. The study concluded with few strategies, which is extremely essential for the female teachers to manage both the situations.

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