Milestones of downloading verses on contemporary reality for Al-Shirazi in its perfect interpretation

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Dr Nidhal Hanash Shabar Al-Saadi , Zahraa Mohammed Hassan Abdul Razzaq


The issue of relegating verses to reality is of great importance in every age. This is to address the emerging problems by returning to the book of God. It is an activation of the role of the Qur’an and making it able to keep pace with and address the modern developments that plague the nation at all times and places, and this study came to shed light on the issue of downloading verses on contemporary reality in one of the contemporary front interpretations, which is (the best interpretation) of His Eminence Sheikh Al-Shirazi, as long as his shadow For the purpose of showing the milestones for downloading the verses on his contemporary reality, It has been shown that the verses were revealed to reality in all its types, which are clearly and completely and partly ill, and it has dealt with the educational, social, political and economic reality, and many words were used to express that. Optimal. As for the second: the patterns of downloading the verses on reality according to Al-Shirazi in the interpretation of the optimal. And the third: the terminology that Al-Shirazi used when relating the verse to contemporary reality.

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