Strengthening the Values of Christian Education in Facing the New Normal Era

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Dirk R. Kolibu, Ramot Peter, Lamhot Naibaho, Stenly R. Paparang, Edward E. Hanock


During the Covid-19 pandemic, the application of Christian educational values must be sustainable. These values need to be reviewed consistently concerning massive changes, not only during the Covid-19 pandemic but also due to the technology and information called the 4.0 revolution. Consequently, the education matters must adapt with adjustment radically during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Changes in learning methods and processes become unavoidable impact. It is necessary to strengthen the values of Christian education by enforcement which can direct to the substance and purpose of Christian education itself. This study uses a qualitative method with a narrative approach for analysis. The context of enforcement the values of Christian education is a constructive and pedagogical-theological solution based on biblical principles. The enforcement does not only relate to relational and human values, but also creed and missionary values for the sustainability of Christian education.

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