Awareness On Environmental Protection Among Secondary School Students Of Ramanathapuram District-A Study

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Radha.M, Dr. G. Sivakumar


This study is described to learn awareness on environmental protection to the Secondary School Students. Environmental problems in India incorporate different natural hazards, particularly annual monsoon and cyclones floods, population growth, increasing individual consumption, industrialization, infrastructural development, poor agricultural practices, and resource misdistribution have led to substantial human transformation of India’s natural environment.  All the environmental problems pose a great challenge to us. (Murthy 2005) Environmental awareness and protection dealt with various issues affecting our environment. By such awareness it is hoped that measures to protect environment at the micro level as well as the macro level would increase.  Environment is very important to learn about the nature. Which is necessary for leading a peaceful, happy satisfied and healthy life? So, every student has awareness of preserving environment for their well – being and also for the future generations. Students must aware of the value of every aspect of environment. 

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