Marginalisation Of Women And Its Repercussion As Reflected In The Poetry Of Modernist Manipuri Women Writers

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Dr. S. Merina Singha,


Manipuri society is androgenic by nature and as such woman in Manipuri society have always been kept cornered or marginalised in every respect. They have been kept confined within the four walls of their domestic world and have never been allowed to take part in the administration as well as in the education of the state. However, in the last decade of 20thcentury, they have started to think anew about themselves, their place and position as well as role in the society. They have started writing about themselves challenging their androgenic society and its harsh iron rules which have marginalised them in their ontological live life.

The present paper therefore seeks to highlight how the modernist Manipuri women writers voice their dissatisfaction against such iron rules of the androgenic society and give vent to their ardent desire for the restoration of the rights they have always denied of as ‘others’. In the main, the paper will concenrate on the poems written by some leading Manipuri women writers who areknow not only in the national level but also in the wider international level for their insuppressible voice such as A.Memchoubi, L. Ibcmhal, M. Borkanya etc.

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