Emotions and Social skills of Ethnic Minority Childrenin the Northern Areas of Vietnam

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Nguyen Thi Ut Sau, Huynh Tan Hoi


In the content of child development and capacity building, the most important content is emotional education - social skills for children. Emotional competencies - social skills are the most important segments in forming personality for preschool children, contributing to promoting the positive development of young individuals and society. Emotional- social skills of preschool children play an important role, are a prerequisite for the comprehensive development of the child's personality, helping children to have feelings, moral standards, and experiences in knowing what to do and should not do in order to have a correct and standard manners. However, the performance of children in schools in the northern mountainous region of Vietnam is still at a low level. The article also reveals difficulties affecting children's emotional-social skills such as the lack of attention from parents, the environment for children to practice, the lack of experience and children's underdeveloped  common language. This article is completed based on the survey results and face-to-face interviews to find out the most effective solutions to educate children in the northern mountainous areas of Vietnam. The paper found that children's social and emotional skills need to be fostered by parents as well as by school because it plays an important role in their development.

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