Impact Of Cupping Massage and Modified Spinal Decompression Therapy With Core Stabilization Exercise In Lumbar Bulging Disc Management

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Al-Qudah, Mohammad. Khalid , Al-Jazzazi, Saleem. Abdulmageed


BACKGROUND: The positive effects of using deferent methods of Spinal decompression therapy (SDT) has been established when combined with other treatment modalities. While SDT had recently been used as a conservative treatment for lumbar disc Herniation (LDH), Lumbar Traction combined with Cervical traction as one intervention has not been used before. It was theoretically suggested by (Al-Qudah, M.K) as a modified method named Whole Spinal Decompression Therapy (WSDT), but clinically was not approved yet.


OBJECTIVE: The aim of the presented work is to identify the effectiveness of treatment program of Cupping Massage (CM), WSDT [Positional Sustained Lumbar Traction (PSLT) combined with Mechanical Sustained Cervical Traction (MSCT)] and Core Stabilization Exercise (CSE) on patients with (L4-L5) (L5-S1) Mild bulging disc.


METHODS: In this study, Nine outdoor male athletes patients were randomly chosen from Al-Karak Governmental Hospital to apply Supine Soft Full Back, Shoulders and Neck CM for (10) minutes, WSDT for (20) minutes and Core Stabilization exercise by (18) sessions for (6) Weeks. The results were analyzed using the SPSS system.

RESULTS: indicates that there was statistically significant difference between the pre and post measurements in favor of the post measurements in terms of Trunk Forward & Backward range of motion, Lumbar Forward & Backward range of motion, Pain, Daily Activity.


CONCLUSIONS: The present study demonstrated that the use of the treatment program has a positive effect on patients with Mild bulging disc.  

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