Historical Analysis Of The Monitoring Of The Ombudsman's Office In Uzbekistan To Ensure Human Rights And Freedoms

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Nurali Kuchimov


The article analyzes the results of monitoring the interaction of the Ombudsman in Uzbekistan with the relevant organizations and structures, the restoration of violated rights of citizens, monitoring the observance of the rights of citizens to apply to courts and government agencies. It states that the institute carries out systematic work on citizens' appeals and their resolution, as well as carries out the necessary monitoring and analysis, the analysis of existing problems and appeals. It was also historically analyzed that this structure provides sufficient conclusions on the restoration of violated rights of citizens and the improvement of the legislative system, the legal organization of life of prisoners and persons deprived of their liberty. It has been studied from a historical point of view that it helps to further develop the system, strengthen the influence of law enforcement agencies and officials, eliminate the causes of such violations, and implement the rule of law in their activities.

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