Social Responsibility Fulfillment by the Deanships of Community Service and Continuing Education at Saudi Public Universities

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Dr. Issa bin Khalaf Al-Dossary


This study set out to detect the degree to which the Deanships of Continuing Education and Community Service at public universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia fulfill social responsibility. It also aimed to identify both the requirements for these deanships to fulfill social responsibility and the obstacles to fulfillment. The study population was comprised of all Community Service and Continuing Education Deans and Vice-Deans (males and females) at Saudi public universities during the second semester of the academic year 2019/2020. For this study, the researcher adopted a descriptive method that was supported by a questionnaire. The most important results of the study are: first, the deans in the study fulfill social responsibility by providing programs to various community strata; second, paucity of allocated financial resources is the primary factor constraining deans in carrying out their social responsibility; third, building an integrated strategy of social responsibility at the universities is the most important factor that would help deanships fulfill their social responsibility.

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