COVID-19: A Disruption in Food Supply Chain

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Sampada Shrimantrao Patil


In the history of the mankind, people have faced many evets such as pandemic. These pandemics have affected society and world economy, negatively. Taking into consideration, the supply chain of food and agree businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic have destructed the different phases of supply chain from production in the fields to the consumption at the end of consumers. This pandemic has risen substantial concerns about demand of the food products, production, processing and distribution of the same. Coronavirus outbreak have so far impacted the preferences of the consumers, availability of labor forces, sequence of processes involved in the food and agriculture industry, and monetary interactions involved in the food supply chain. Now, its mandatory for almost all working centers and food processing units to strictly follow norms of social distancing to protect their own workers and employees from getting infected from the pandemic. Still, the weaker sections of the society are highly vulnerable to the situations like pandemics with respect to monetary and hygiene related facilities. They are highly exposed to the critical situations due to unavailability of the financials and related facilities. Focusing on these effects of the pandemics, every nation should give foremost importance to building up the strategies and operating procedures to tackle this life-threatening situation to the mankind. Food supply chains need to be revamped their strategies to become more reliable and flexible as its really necessary to provide hygienic food to the consumers in such scenarios. This paper is the work describing the effects of the COVID-19 on the food supply chain and its consumers. Ultimate goal of the paper is to come up with the suggestions and the actions to take to reduce the effects of this pandemic. 

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