Evaluation of Standardization Education Program Product At the National Standardization Agency

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Perdana Afif Luthfy, et. al.


The implementation of standardization education found problems, namely: (1) Socialization and implementation were not quite successful in the higher education environment, (2) Various strategies that were carried out so that standardization education could be massive, structured, and systematically implemented in formal and non-formal education had not been successful. The focus of this research is on the evaluation of  Standardization Education Program Product. The approach used in this research was descriptive qualitative. Data collection was carried out by the researchers as a key instrument. The data collection techniques were done by; (1) in-depth interviews; (2) observation; and (3) documentation study. In general, the results of standardization education are in accordance with the 2014-2019 NSA Strategic Plan. However, the evaluation carried out related to standardization education has not yet reached the analysis of the results and benefits (outcome) of standardization education for university graduates. Therefore it is necessary to conduct national research and survey with graduated college student respondents from standardization subject so that the results of standardization education in aspects of  results and benefits of the achievements can be mapped and further improved.

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