Review on the Overall Development of Jaggery Plant to Enhance Thermal Efficiency

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Abhijeet N. Kore, et. al.


Jaggery production is a traditional trade of India which provides employment to the people in the villages. India accounts for 70% of total jaggery production. Jaggery has medicinal and nutritional properties that are not present in sugar. The efficiency of the jaggery production process in India is low and the jaggery manufacturer has to bear the loss. As a result, the business is declining day by day. After the necessary changes suggested by various researchers, this efficiency of the conventional plant does not exceed 40 to 48 %. The jaggery production process needs to be improved or changed over time. The main purpose of this paper is to underline the work done by various researchers to date and bring out the resulting benefits and to suggest the necessary changes for the future.

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