Exploration of the Experiences of International Students at International Islamic University Islamabad

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Hira Nawaz, et. al.


Foreign students are temporary residents in a foreign country in order to participate in international educational exchanges as students. Foreign students come from different countries with different backgrounds and knowledge. They have different types of skills and level of knowledge of English. They face difficult and new situations to cope, every day. They face a variety of challenges in terms of cultural and communication problems, loss of social support, language difficulties, academic problems, financial, psychological, health and recreational issues. The present research was designed to explore the experiences of International students at International Islamic University, Islamabad. Quantitative research method was employed in order to conduct the present research. 234 female foreign students were taken as sample. The researchers developed a questionnaire. Questionnaires were distributed, collected and data was analyzed using univariate analysis. The results conclude that most of the foreign students face language problems. Most respondents were satisfied with the university rules and regulations. International students faced eating problems. Most respondents experienced climate issues.

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