From West to East: Insightful Learning Journey of Senior High School Language Teachers Through Chinese Mandarin Training Course

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Lawrence G. Agapito


This study explored the significant lifelong learning experiences of the senior high school language teachers who underwent Chinese Mandarin training and come up from their insights an enhanced Chinese Mandarin training plan model-framework. The qualitative-phenomelogical method was used to investigate the significant experience of the aforementioned participants, With the insights shared by the participants, 13 themes emerged: Blissful Feeling Actuality, Positive Learning Atmosphere, New Concepts Gateway, Vision for Success, Irrational Fear Experience, Displeasing Training Encounters, Self-restraint learning ways, Technology-based assist, Multifaceted review strategies, Fostering Progressive Attributes, Technology Driven Strategies, Increment training program, and Experiential learning. Through the emerging paradigm which underscores reinforcement and suggested that the training and development programs should be aligned with the organizational objectives and at the same time maximize human potentials.

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